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Air Freight Services at Optima International Solutions

Now it has become easier to transport goods by air with Optima International Solutions. We, at Optima International, employ the latest technologies to provide faster processing of paperwork and other freight management services to ensure transportation of goods to meet delivery deadlines at destination. Our extensive and reliable network of partners allows us to enable to assist you with shipments to and from any destination across the globe.

Optima International Solutions offers both domestic and international Air Freight services. We have already gained popularity with our Air Freight services internationally. Our international partners trust us to provide the best services regarding freight management and clearing and forwarding.

Why choose us for air freight management services?

·         Once you entrust us with your cargo, we will contact the airline carriers and decide on the earliest date available to move your cargo. We have an excellent relationship with our carriers, ensure a smooth and seamless transaction.

·         Your cargo is also precious to us and we take extra care to see that it reaches the destination safely.

·         We have a strong footprint in the Air Freight management industry.

·         We also have digital monitoring of your freight, procurement capabilities, in-house freight control and system design and implementation.

·         Through our international Air Freight services, you can easily track your cargo and check your parcel whereabouts, at any given time.

·         Our insurance and legal partners will make sure every aspect is covered and seen to.

·         You can make use of our warehousing and distribution facilities for both local and international transport.

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